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 I love discovering new beauty and makeup products but for the past seven months I have completely dedicated my beauty routine solely to taking better care of my skin and the results of that have transformed my skin. Although skincare isn’t the topic of this post I wanted to get that out there because I will be sharing with you my skincare routine and tips very soon! I’ve been through trial and error with my skin so my experience with advice and tips to share and hopefully help anyone out there is my complete satisfaction.

When it comes to my ‘everyday makeup’ I like to keep it fresh and simple. (At least most of the time) I am usually completely bare faced about 60% of the time because makeup isn’t exactly the best thing for my skin, and I love how free it feels without it. Regardless of that sometimes I prefer to look more put together and a little more ‘awake’ so here’s where my go-to makeup products come in.

Most of the time I’ll go for the eyebrow, concealer, mascara and lip balm look because it’s quick put together look, other times I’ll add foundation, highlighter, and lipstick to the mix. It simply comes down to what look I’m going for that day. Occasionally I like to go all out and will alternate the products, but these are all the current products I use on a day-to-day basis.  If you take a look at my Instagram you’ll notice how simple my makeup is the majority of the time. What’s your level of maintenance when it comes to using makeup? Have an awesome day!

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