Hi, my loves! So I’m back with another post about skin care! Anyone that knows me, knows that I have an unhealthy obsession with skincare. Ok, figuratively not literally, but you totally get how much I love discovering new skincare products and reading about skin care. This leads me onto the purpose of this post…the ’10-step Korean skincare routine’. Although it’s a coined term used a marketing strategy I’ll still refer to it as that so you understand where I’m coming from.

    Korean women are known for their glowing skin, which is achieved through a unique regimen. It’s a bit more extensive than the usual skincare routine because it involves up to 10 steps or more, which seems a little excessive…I know. It’s all about achieving healthy glow from within, and while it may take a little longer than the usual skincare regime, the results are totally worth it.

    I’ve been using the 10-step routine for almost a year now, and I wouldn’t dare turn back to my old skincare routine. When I tell you it’s the best routine I’ve used for my skin, believe me. It’s worth every single step!  Continue Reading

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